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Twitch Aquarium is a new interactive overlay game built exclusively for Twitch streamers. With over 15 species of user-selectable aquarium fish, you're sure to get a colourful tank!

Viewers can control their fish onscreen with the boost and flip commands. There's also a fish food minigame, and fun emotes. It includes interactive stream widgets that the streamer can enable to show useful information.

Built with privacy in mind viewers choose to add their fish to the stream aquarium. This means that your lurkers can stay in lurk mode.


Twitch Aquarium is fun and engaging for your viewers and will help bring a positive vibe to your stream. Increase viewer engagement and keep a visual representation of your streams viewers, as fish are kept in the tank even after viewers leave your stream.

We also offer our streamers a support discord and documentation of Twitch Aquarium. So we're always there to help! As a Twitch Aquarium streamer, you'll also be actively promoted across our social channels and have a chance to shape the development.

Easy and Efficient

Twitch Aquarium is super easy to set up and you can have it on your stream within minutes of downloading it! It doesn't rely on any external web services, Twitch extensions and runs locally on your computer.

It takes up only a few megabytes of disk space and is uses a low amount of resources. So it won't interfere with your game performance or networking.

We're planning many new features and are always listening to our streamers feedback. So expect future updates and new features.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this overlay you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TwitchAquariumV11.zip 1 MB

Development log


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In which settings are you able to edit the information you entered when connecting to twitch? I think I entered something wrong since it isn't connecting right.

If you press escape you can access the settings. It is the last tab you need. Thanks for your support :D

i paid for this but im unable to download it to my pc cause the file is unsafe. is there an error? did i do something wrong? 

The application is not signed because that is an expensive process for larger apps. But, it is perfect safe and virus tested before distribution. So you are able to go ahead and dismiss any warnings.

This is very common with smaller apps from itch :D

We have Norton and its stating the File is unsafe and it gets automatically deleted. It doesn't even let you download the file, there is no pop-up exe. file it just gets deleted. Is there any other way to download your file. If it is virus tested why is my anti virus auto deleting the file because its deem unsafe for download. we are also on Windows 11 is there a different version I should have gotten?

You just need to whitelist the app in Norton. It is a false flag because it doesn't have the app in its online database.

Could you please indicated how to do this, there is no whitelist on the Norton App. Pending a refund if this is not possible. I've search every video to how to find it and nothing turns up.

You can find the full setup guide here https://fusiontutorials.com/setup-guide


how do i delete a fish?? and how do i add the aquarium to my stream? sorry if this is a dumb question

Hi! No such thing as a dumb question. You can find a full setup guide here https://streamdoodles.com/setup-guide and a full list of commands for the app here https://streamdoodles.com/commands

Hope that helps :D




the most charming addition to your twitch stream.

the pixel assets are clean, not too big and add the perfect personalization for your community to be a part of your stream!


I LOVE all the customization! The flooring options, moving or removing the signs. Its so easy!!